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Protect Clear Lake


Protect Clear Lake and All Lake County Water Bodies

The County of Lake is actively working to protect our lakes from invasive quagga and zebra mussels. These mussels can be spread inadvertently from one water body to another by boaters and, once introduced, can rapidly devastate that water body with the formation of massive colonies that litter beaches, cling to boats and docks, clog and damage water intake equipment, and even cause a collapse in the population of sport fish.

The spread of these invasive mussels has progressed from their first introduction into North American waters in the Great Lakes in 1988 all the way to their discovery in Southern California water bodies in 2007.

The County of Lake enacted an ordinance requiring boaters to have their boats inspected and show valid proof of inspection prior to launching in Lake County waters.

Today, Clear Lake and other water bodies in Lake County remain free of these invasive mussels. To continue to protect these waters, your help is needed.

  • Get your boat inspected and show your sticker – every time. It’s the right thing to do and it’s the law.
  • Help educate fellow boaters about the importance of cleaning boats and equipment after each use and the reason for the preventive measures – to ultimately keep the lakes open to boating and recreation.

Find the nearest screening location to get your inspection sticker,

For more information, call the Lake County Mussel Hotline at (707) 263-2556 or visit the mussel section of the County of Lake web site.

Please do your part to protect all our waters and stop the spread of these invasive species.

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