View of Clear Lake, California
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Clearlake Oaks and Environs

The county’s easternmost community – referred to as “the Oaks” by locals – is scattered with both lakefront and hilltop homes. Two favorite spots are Shannon Ridge’s tasting room and Happy Garden, a Thai and Chinese restaurant, plus several lakeside campgrounds frequented year-round. Eleven Roses Ranch, in the mountains above Clear Lake, offers historic family ranch tours.

In the Clearlake Oaks Keys, more than 800 waterfront lots line Clear Lake, with Stubbs Island as a southern border – the site of two popular campgrounds.

Other nearby communities include Glenhaven, which also features resorts and campgrounds; Kono Tayee, with its tall, imported cypress and citrus trees; the gated community of Paradise Cove; and Spring Valley with nearly 1,000 parcels in a nine-mile-long mountain valley.

Catfish Derby
Shannon Ridge Tasting Room    Eleven Roses Ranch Tour

Glenhaven Welcome Sign

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